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Simple PHP link checker

This is a simple PHP link checker to help get rid of any broken links on your web pages. Just type in the page you want to check and it crawls the page and checks the links on it.


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Newslettter manager

Free simple PHP newsletter manager. You can easily add and remove emails from the list and send newsletters with an WYSIWYG editor. Also has confirm email so you can make people confirm their email address before you send them your newsletter. Most things can be turned on and off easily by editing the config file. Also has simple upload and download users, status bar to show how the sending is going and update checker built in. You can change the style of the admin area aswell since it's all templated. Now has an archive for visitors to look at old newsetters.

Version 1.4.1:
Fixed PHP 4 compatibility bug

Version 1.4.0:
Added custom end line characters for sending emails
Added maximum user limit option (default is still unlimited)
Added delete all none confirmed users
Added language files support
Fixed missed / in HTML code
Fixed [unsubscribe] bbcode
Planned tidy up of code and convert mostly to classes
Fixed Confirm email spelling mistake

Try the demo (out of date version but still very close)

Encoded files are binary files. When using any file transfer program having an ascii or binary mode (e.g. FTP), always use binary mode.
Using WinZip, the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion option in "options|configuration|miscellaneous" must not be checked.


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Current version 1.4.1


Spell checker class

This is a simple PHP MySQL spell checker class it uses 1 MySQL table for a dictionary.